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5 tips to keep your dog cool in summer

5 tips to keep your dog cool in summer
When the summer season approaches, everything is joyful and full of fun and chilling with each other. Greenery all around, clear skies and cheerful mood, this is not only for humans but also for our lovely pets. They also crave for the summer season to approach so that they can have some extra fun.
Summer being beautiful is easy to adapt but also contains a lot of heat in it. Summers are sometimes very hot and it’s difficult to manage ourselves as well as our pets. We may go to the beaches or pools but our dogs might not be able to do the same. They are much more sensitive than humans and need extra care.
Everything you try to do this summer, keep in mind the consequences of summer on your dog and therefore follow some of the necessary measures to keep your dog safe and healthy during the summer season. Given below are some points to keep your dog healthy and joyful during summers.
1. Give your dog enough water to drink - during the summer season, its very hot and your dog needs to be completely hydrated in order to stay safe and healthy. We carry a water bottle for ourselves, wherever we go because we feel thirsty very often in summers. Likewise, carry a bottle for your dog too when you’re planning to go outside.
Your dog must drink water after every few minutes especially if he’s playing in the backyard. The canines should have a bowl of cold water always in order to ease your dog to fulfill his thirst in such hot days. This will keep him active and cheerful. 
2. Let him stay in water - if you’re going to beaches in this summer season, take your dog along with you to let him enjoy and be comfortable in cold water at the beach. If you’re going to a swimming pool ask about the permission regarding the pets are allowed or not and take your dog’s canine. After spending some time in the water your dog will feel joyful and happy.
3. Avoid using the dog house - although a dog house is the best place for your dog to spend some time. However, a dog house is not appropriate for summers as it does not have enough space for air ventilation. Dog houses should be locked up during summers and your dog should play in your backyard, or in a shady area. Make sure you keep a bowl of cold water for him to drink.
4. Don’t lock your dog in the car - if you’re driving somewhere either to buy some food, groceries, or anything and you have your dog along with you, don’t forget to take him out of the car. Even if you’re leaving him in the car, make sure windows are half open to ensure air ventilation. Closed windows can add on to the extra heat in summers. 
It's better to keep your dog at home when you’re driving in order to keep him safe from heat and uneasiness. Most of the dogs cannot tolerate to be in a car for long periods, keep in mind while driving for too long with your dog.
5. Take care of sunburn- like humans, dogs are also heat sensitive and can get sunburns on their body which can or cannot be seen but would hurt them from within. Therefore, consider your vet and get a good sunscreen for your dog to protect him from sunburns.